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 Joeblow *Sample Application*

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PostSubject: Joeblow *Sample Application*   Tue Apr 07, 2009 10:29 pm




75 PUP

Gear (Pictures are always a plus):

I have an awesome attachment that gives my doll +10 usefullness, blah blah blah.

Abyssea experience:

Alliance exp where I was the chest bitch!

Limbus experience:

I've only been to a handful of limbus events and all of them took place in Temenos. However, I am familiar with the strategy involved in winning these runs. Unfortunately I haven't fought Omega or Ultima.


Hi, my name is Joe and I live in Niceville, FL where everyone is just as happy as can be. I have been playing ffxi for 3 years now non-stop and live in my basement. The only time I see the light of day is if my parents trick me into going outside, which is rare. Reason I say rare is because staring at a computer screen all day and night makes you crazy enough to believe their bullshit every now and then...

Why should we consider extending a membership to you?

Because I'm a PUP duh! But seriously I can listen and pay attention to what needs to be done.


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Joeblow *Sample Application*
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